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Services and Rates

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Massage and Bodywork 

SPA services (dry room) - body wraps, aromatherapy, hot-stone massage, dry brushing, exfoliation treatments

   Chair massage is also offered:               

   30 minutes                      $50.00

   Event chair massages       $1.00 per minute

                                      (10 minute minimum, 20 minute maximum per person) 

   (chair massages are offered for events, parties, business lunch breaks, social gatherings, sports events, wedding and baby showers, etc. with a minimum of 6 people per event, per hour)

Forms of therapy include:  

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), Aromatherapy, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular Integrative Therapies, Assisted Stretching, Passive Releases, Sports Massage, Movement Therapies, Reflexive Therapies, Muscle Testing, Organ Release Techniques, and much more!


Therapeutic Massage

I am a certified licensed therapist that will blend together a variety of techniques such as Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Integrative massage, based on your specific needs and preferences. If you have a particular injury, we can target specific treatment work to that area. If you are in need of stress relief and relaxation, I can use soothing techniques that relax the muscular system and calm the nerves. Most often people need a blend of multiple modalities to truly gain relief. One of my highest priorities at Selah-Refresh Massage and Bodywork is to offer bodywork from a therapist who is not only skilled and knowledgeable in their clinical technique, but who also works with true loving-kindness and compassion, facilitating healing on all levels. Whatever your needs, the best modalities will be used to suit you.

Neuromuscular Mind/Body Therapeutic Massage; Deep Tissue:  (balance achieved as your muscle units are "reset")

This combination of approaches allows and provides an integrated and comprehensive neuromuscular therapy for the whole person.

This style of massage focuses on the deeper tissue layers of the body to resolve both chronic and acute pain problems deep within one’s structure. This type of massage may include other techniques ranging from trigger point therapy, friction strokes and muscle energy techniques to address underlying musculoskeletal dysfunction.



With your massage is the option of using any of the high quality essential oils during your session. Luxurious flower scents like jasmine, relaxing lavender, meditative frankincense, or invigorating citrus and eucalyptus are some of the oils that we can add to our sweet almond massage oil, organic coconut lotion or simply diffuse throughout the room. Tell me what you would like or I can use what I feel will best enhance your session.



Swedish massage is the foundation for all Western styles of table massage. The goal of this style is to induce the relaxation response, improve circulation, decrease muscle tension, and improve range of motion. The following strokes are the basis for this style: effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration, and percussion.


Myofascial Release

Myofascial release refers to the manual massage technique for stretching the fascia and releasing bonds between fascia, integument, and muscles with the goal of eliminating pain, increasing range of motion and proprioception Myofascial release usually involves applying shear compression or tension in various directions with very little lubrication, or by skin rolling. This is the foundation of deep tissue and neuromuscular massage techniques.


Lymphatic Drainage

This style of massage focuses on enhancing the natural function of the body’s lymphatic system. The lymph system is like our waste treatment plant and because it removes toxins, microorganisms, waste products, and other foreign substance from the body. A lymph massage utilizes light touch in specific regions of the body in a precise way that stimulates lymph drainage. Since lymphatic function is such an important aspect of our health, this type of treatment can be effective in treating disorders including chronic fatigue syndrome, bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, arthritis, acne, eczema, chronic pain, muscle spasms, constipation, and edema.


Energy Healing

Almost every culture, religion, and secular philosophy around the world has a vocabulary describing the metaphysical structure that we seek to address and access with our energy work-chi, prana, Holy Spirit, electromagnetism, aura, life force, and countless others words can describe what we are referring to as energy. Energy Healing can be subtly complementary to a therapeutic massage session or a therapy on its own. As with massage therapy, there are many different traditions of energy healing around the world such as Reiki, Vibrational, and Chi Kung. What all seek to do is to remove blockages and restrictions, free up stagnation, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and stimulate healing of the body and spirit by increasing the overall flow and connection to the pool of energy that connects and feeds us all. Our bodies are made up of energy: vibrating particles that form meridians, ‘pressure points,’ and subtle bodies that are much less dense than the physical body that we perceive with our eyes. The energy healing practitioner tunes into his or her own connection and flow, and is able to listen closely to your energetic system. It can be as though they use themselves as energetic jumper cables to stimulate and clear your system. Have you ever felt someone standing behind you even though you didn’t hear a sound? That is an example of noticing someone entering your subtle energy field. However, in an energetic healing session, you can feel the gentle touch and nurturing energy of someone cultivating a calm, meditative and loving intention, inviting health and releasing foreign or stuck energy that he or she senses.


TMJ Massage

This is a very focused and specific style of massage that targets those experiencing jaw disorders, tinnitus, grinding, clenching, and headaches. A therapist will work the muscles in the jaw area, including the neck, face and jaw and possibly the inter-oral muscles inside the mouth (with gloves). As your therapist, I will also teach self-massage techniques and stretches for at-home care and ongoing relief.


Trauma Resolution

This treatment seeks to help people who have been through traumatic events either physical or emotional. Trauma can create energy that gets bound up in our muscles and nervous system. This therapy can help release and redirect that energy to create better responses within the body and recapture vital energy. We can work together gently with massage, or start by listening to and reflecting on the emotional state of your being. In unity we will design sessions together with the utmost importance being placed on creating a safe container for expression, compassion, and healing.  


Chair Massage

This type of bodywork utilizes specially made massage chairs to provide treatment. Chair massage is beneficial for its convenience; the therapist can quickly and easily set up on-site and is often incorporated into office wellness programs. This type of massage therapy is great for those who need a quick massage on the neck and shoulders that can help relieve the pain and tension of desk work. This kind of treatment is quick, convenient, rejuvenating, and can be a quick pick-me-up that leaves the client ready to face the rest of their day with a smile!


Massage Treatments are tailored to each individual based on personal desires and goals. :)