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     Eco Pressure is the name given to the level of pressure that is the most respectful and honoring of the body/mind's ability to open in that moment.  The application of the Eco Pressure is in responding to the conscious feedback for the other as well as the unconscious responses in the muscle reactions, breathing, eye movements, attention, and many other indicators.

     This pressure allows you to open and change along your natural paths of movement.  The body does not receive this as force, but rather as allowing and guiding of the energy of release and change.  

     The body/mind wants to heal, but the intervention must be seen as ecological to the body/mind as a whole system for the movement to be as complete and whole as possible.

                               Craig McLaughlin, MountainHeart School of Bodywork

The body's normal response to the feeling called pain is an automatic reflex of fight or flight, or contraction and constriction.  During your massage session while working together with me as your bodyworker, you and I will do our best to reduce or eliminate the defense mechanism to be activated allowing the muscular contraction to release, relax, integrate and lengthen.  It is the pressure just before the defense mechanism is activated, it is the place just before the pain.  It is the place you would describe as slight discomfort or a "good hurt".

As we work together toward the goals you desire your participation will be in relaxing, opening, allowing, and controlling your healing process.  This creates an empowered and safe state of being that allows the eco-pressure level to be deeper and more efective.  This is a marked contrast from the feeling of being out of control or in someone else's control and simply tolerating the pain being forced upon you.

Eco Pressure helps create:

-  safety

-  Trust 

-  Respect

-  Rapport

-  Opennes

-  Teamwork

-  Empowerment

-  A sense of self control

-  An experience of being able to help yourself create change without pain!

Eco pressure is a way to listen, honor, and respect the communication of the body.